Optimal Beta Time

With the corona isolation happening right now. Wouldn’t it be optimal beta test time right now? I heard gaming is up 75%.

I mean yeah, given the enormous spike in gaming due to social distancing it would be a decent time to run a beta because 343 would be sure to get an enormous amount of data from it.

That said, we have zero indication if/when the beta is even occurring. It’s almost April and we still don’t even have a date. You can assume there will be an announcement of some sort with the dates for the beta (if it’s even occurring) and the next Microsoft event we are aware of is the “digital E3” show presumably in June.

I’d assume there is a lot of preparatory work required to run an effective beta so it’s not like 343 can quickly say “well hell, everyone is stuck at home so let’s just run the beta now!” It would have to be something they had been planning for a while and for it to coincidentally line up with the mass quarantine/isolation/etc.

343 is working from home right now, I don’t think they have the capability of launching a beta right now.

Well, people certainly have more time now but I think more about the development state of the game, and in case of Beta, it should be when only polishing of the game is needed, including bugtesting etc.

And I doubt Infinite is yet in that state, even if time would be convenient & releasing Alpha wouldn’t really be that good of a representation of a game of such scale as Infinite.

I would expect that they save as much stuff as possible near the launch to have as fresh hype train as possible.