opinon on sandbox balance

Halo 4 sandbox balancing


allow vehicle health to regenerate- give vehicles armor that takes damage but does not regenerate- allowing weakened vehicles to be easy to take down, but properly used vehicles to last forever


Increase blast radius to that of explosives perk, decrease damage to the equivalent of the explosives perk.
Basically everyone has the explosives perk
Pulse grenade- allow it to emp vehicles while a user is in the field/ slow them down, think mini power drainer
Make them drain shields faster as well
Plasma- reduce damage done to tanks, increase aoe,

Power weapon balancing

Rockets- allow rockets to lock on to all vehicles, improves pros and cons to all rocket tier weapons-
Rockets lock on less damage (currently it takes two rockets to blow up one hog with direct hit…)
Incineration canon large Aoe, one shot reload not lock on, one hits every vehicle

Fuel rod large clip spamable more ammo

Rail gun- hitscan, more kinetic energy

Concussion rifle- more ammo, more common in ordnance

Needler- more ammo, lack of hitscan and slow projectiles cause large amounts of ammo to be wasted

Saw- faster reload longer range to compete with br carbine

Shotgun, slightly increase range

Scattershot- tighten spread increase projectile speed, remove the ability to damage yourself with it (I have point blank shot someone and had the shots miss because of the large spread, bounce back and kill myself, I even got a suicide) basically improve its reliability so it fits the role of a quicker shooting shot gun with less range

Gravity hammer- increase lunge range to that of the sword

Sticky det…. A better aiming icon to properly gauge ranges

Starting weapons

Br- fine

Dmr increase bullets to kill to 7, reduce damage to vehicles, 5 people shooting a scorpion should not kill it, that is just silly

Carbine- reduce reload time to less than br , it currently has the longest reload time of all starting weapons with the least amount of kills per clip

Ar- decrease bloom reset time to support burst firing

Storm rifle- increase projectile speed, slightly reduce how quickly it overheats- attempting to allow it to kind of hit targets at a range
copy plasma rifle sound file, and replace the nerf gun avi attached to the storm rifle

Suppressor- decrease bloom, allow bloom to reset quicker to allow burst fire, increase projectile speed

Light rifle- slow rate of fire, change unscoped to 4shot but keep kill time similar to br, slightly slow scoped in rate of fire

Plasma pistol, increase projectile speed, decrease overheat speed to allow more shots fired before overheat. Remove lock on to vehicles, decrease emp time

Magnum- fine

Boltshot- reduce kill range to 4 meters- current hammer lunge range

Vehicles - Regenerate health? No. More health? I know the Hog could use that. The Sniper Rifle’s damage against Vehicles is, once again, too high.

Frags - Keep same. They’re better than Reach, but people still spam like crazy. Giving people default Explosives would be too crazy. I’d quit playing Halo 4 if that happened. Already dealt with that too long in Reach, not doing that again.

Pulse - EMP would be nice (in fact, I think it was in the older build, but was cut). But overall, fine IF you know how to use it

Plasma - Is fine

I don’t like anything you suggested for Power Weapons except the Gravity Hammer. IMO, I think they’re all fine except the Gravity Hammer. The Gravity Hammer just sucks.

BR - Is fine… I guess…

DMR - Decrease ROF is all it needs

Carbine - Make it kill one bullet less. Currently, I lose every fight when using it by one bullet.

AR - Is fine

Storm Rifle - Currently my Secondary weapon (using Firepower, paired up with LightRifle), and I can assure you, it kills just fine.

Suppressor - Decreasing Bloom would help. Currently, it only does good when you’re right on top of someone, and with that, you really only need to beat down.

Boltshot - Reducing kill range would help

Plasma Pistol - Is fine

Magnum - Is fine

LightRifle - Completely fine IF you know how to use it. It is my highest killing weapon, and I love it.

i actually use explosives, basically what i ment was increase aoe off grenades but reduce damage,

halo 3 vehicles- giveing them more health will not help… then it is ridiculous reward hit and run, not tanking

the rockets, just seam useless against vehicles this time that is all, scatter-shot is inconsistent is all, for a forerunner weapon, it is unreliable, i would take the human shotty over the scatter-shot any

dmr- that works but i was thinking it would emphasize marksmen by reducing clip size