opinions on "buying" weapons and armor

If you have read the game informer article on halo 4, you know you buy weapons and armor through spartan points or something like that. What is your opinion on this.

I think it would be cool and new for the weapons side because of the way halo plays. The maps are built and the way any weapon can beat any weapon makes it possible to beat even the “richest” players. Like bringing a shotty into a BTB will screw you over unlike MW3 with it’s smaller-ish maps. Shields also help weapon problems. I didn’t see anything saying there will be more than one type of DMR like MW3 where having a better type of assault rifle will let you dominate most of the time.

On the other side though, armor will destroy variety. After a while everyone will have the same armor and if you stray from the path, bye bye. Maybe this is just speculation but from experience this will probably happen.

Again what is your opinion.