**Opinions! I Have Them!**

I’ll first say… I’m a huge Halo: Combat Evolved buff. I love the way it plays and am really excited to have the chance to play it again on XBL!

I’d also like to say I like Halo 5 thus far… however, changes need to be made quickly.

  1. From what I hear, BR start comes next week… That’s a good direction… I’d suggest taking out radar as well.

  2. Can you take down the aim assist a notch? halo 1 had it perfect… Took actual skill to shoot. If you think I’m a liar… Please go check yourself, you have all games at your fingertips.

  3. I can barely see the enemy in games… Is that just me?

  4. Why are grenades so weak? I had one blow up in my face and barely lost shield…

  5. Please turn on friendly fire… It has been in element in halo for so long…

Other requests for the real, full game that would be nitpicking:

-please allow us to turn call outs off - they’re lame/cheesy. I don’t care that a computer says ‘thanks for the assist’… i don’t care that someone shouts out they just got a multi kill. If it were to say “there IS an enemy at top red” instead of “enemy down at top red” or a combination of the two, that’d suffice
-the winner screen looks like it was made for 5 year olds… this game is for ‘mature’ players. Master chief would not be slapping -Yoink- with his buddies looking like a d-bag after a win… he’d just walk off like the badass that he is (this complaint is from an older fellow… the younger folk probably think it is super cool… they know so little).

Requests for the real, full game that would be a favor to classic Halo fans:

-I’m not seeing camo/OS - is this not in the game anymore?
-Weapon timing - can we have set weapon time spawns instead of callouts? this allows someone with knowledge an edge… planning. However, i’m fine with the callouts as long as it’s on a set timer.
-Make a Halo CE playlist with a Halo CE pistol start and Halo CE settings (no radar, pistol and AR start, timed weapon spawns)… i’d be willing to bet it’d be one of your most popular playlists (feel free to keep sprint and the side dash).