Opinion on halo

Whats everyones main opinion on this game?

It’s a bit early to form an opinion for me. Information on Infinite is limited at best so story, gameplay, setting etc. all comes down to speculation at the moment.

I’ll let you know in a year

It’s a pretty good game. Eh shoots bad guys and doesn’t afraid of anything.

Infinite is looking great so far! But we’ll see!

As no one has played the game yet, I would say that it is way too early for anyone to form a solid opinion on the game.

It isn’t out yet but im excited and worried at same time. Gotta be aware of MICROTRANSACTIONS and I don’t want a lack of content at launch

Infinite is too far off to say for sure. It’s a mixed bag on hype for me, though, since I feel like 343i is both trying to recapture the series’ prime and redefine it all at the same time. I think getting too ambitious with implementing ideas like a pseudo open-world in the campaign could spell trouble. Likewise, trying to make everyone happy with matchmaking by making it a grab bag of mixed and matched classic and newer Halo mechanics could just lead to a mess that leaves us all disappointed.

I think Infinite needs to go for simple, but good. This series needs a new baseline, and if 343i is able to define a great basic framework with Infinite for the future, they can springboard off of that strong foundation with future games.

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> Whats everyones main opinion on this game?

I think it’s impossible for any of us to form an opinion on Halo Infinite. We can speculate based on the precious little we know, we can also put forward our concerns, dislikes and likes based on previous games. Beyond that, we need gameplay and a lot more info about everything.

On Infinite specifically? I can tell you what I think of the trailers and info that has come out so far: absolutely amazing. My thoughts on the game itself? Iunno it’s not out yet.

If you’re asking about Halo in general, it’s the best FPS franchise out there.

I’m holding out for at least an Angry Joe review before I have a speculative opinion and then a try-it-myself before I have a concrete opinion.

My opinion, total confusion. Desperately needing gameplay footage and more info

Ah, yes, this upcoming Halo game is made of Halo game.

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