[Opinion] I Actually Like and Trust 343i

In almost every thread I see people hating on 343 for ‘ruining halo.’
I understand that making changes you disagree with can agitate and frustrate you, especially in a beloved franchise, but I have to say 343 is my favourite game company for one reason;
They’re not afraid and they listen.

They’re not afraid to make a change to a somewhat stagnant game design.
Don’t get me wrong, I loved Halo’s 1 through 3, but this will come as a shocker, I also loved Halo 4. I loved it because it felt different from standard Halo, but it kept the feel of what makes Halo, Halo.
Yes the loadouts were odd and fell into the trap of ‘I have this because I’m a higher level’ but it was still fun to play.

As for the upcoming Halo 5, it follows what 343i is, fearless and attentive.
They heard our cries of Halo 4, the loadouts and armour abilities, so they took them out.
They heard we wanted more arena styled gameplay, we got that.
We wanted traditional Halo, they’re giving us that while still keeping it fresh.

Every new thing added in Halo 5 does not feel stitched in and flows well. I thought the ground pound, at first, was tacked on, but after actually experimenting with it, it feels fun to use and rewarding when I kill someone with it.

However, not everything is perfect. Some people dislike some aspects of the game, which s reasonable, but to say the franchise as a whole is ruined, you are mistaken. It’s changing to make a larger community, and for the better too.

With Halo 5, there will be 7 first person Halo games. People wreck and hate on past CoD’s for not changing anything, and Advanced Warfare changed a lot, and it was good for the series.

Halo needed to evolve and it’s going to need some fine tuning, but I’m glad 343 is in control of that.

Please, if you would like to discuss anything, feedback is welcomed.

Just wanted to say I don’t hate on 343i, but I don’t like what they’re doing with the multiplayer.

Agreed mate but a lot of people will disagree and try to make you change your opinion don’t let them get to you and tell you what to believe

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> Just wanted to say I don’t hate on 343i, but I don’t like what they’re doing with the multiplayer.

I agree



Yes, keep it up, 343i