OPINION - Halo 5 is great, but...

As it is currently, the game is fine, and free DLC is always welcome. However, Warzone for me has got me frustrated with how one-sided matches can get so fast. Not only that, but spawn points for both Warzone and BTB could be so much better. In Warzone, there would be several occasions where I respawn under a bridge. I then have to navigate under and around the bridge to actually get somewhere. Other instances include respawning in front of a group of Spartans from the opposite team, essentially asking to be gunned down in 2.6 seconds (this also applies with BTB).

Regarding the REQ System, simply put, it’s cool. I like how it’s handled. Though Armor unlocks and other things such as stances and assassinations shouldn’t have been restricted to the one system that is heavily based on RNG.

I’d like to rant a bit about the DLC built-in Forge maps.
The designs are fine. Sure, these could have (and should have) been fully fleshed out maps with the Forged version being more of a “prototype”, but the quality of the designs is very well done. Props to the people who made them! But, these maps are easily exploitable. Kill and soft-kill boundaries are not placed as well as they should be. We already saw how easy Orion was to break out of, and now the issue stands beside the BTB maps as well. Granted, they don’t make the match as “broken” as Orion’s exploit. It’s just very painful to see that these were discovered so fast by non-testers.
As for BTB vehicle spawns, well, a Mantis on Guillotine is sort of ridiculous. Am I right?

As for 4v4 Arena, it’s fine. I like it a lot actually. Note that I am also talking about Breakout.

But hey! That is just my opinion which I thought I would share! An opinion which I did my best to put in a slightly short and simple way. Had I not, it would have been several individual topics that make it as long as the average novel by Stephen King.

And about the Campaign, I thought it was alright story-wise. Wasn’t too fond of playing as Osiris for 12 of the 15 missions though. The Arbiter should have had a bigger role, too. He feels sort of like a minor supporting character in Halo 5.


you are not allowed to have an opinion here!

you must agree with the vocal minority and reviews that hate on the game!


its nice seeing these posts. its refreshing from the BKs that post toxic “i dun liek chang” and cant adapt or get gud at this game

I agree with a lot of what you’re saying. When I’ve been able to play, I’ve enjoyed the game. That said, I’m a bit puzzled by their MP decisions.

I’m quite the opposite. The game wasn’t made for BTB that is clear with the insanely small maps in arena. I cant stand arena AT ALL. the maps are way to small and everyone is way to fast. reminds me way to much of CoD, but somehow worse. I LOVE warzone. Its the only game type ive maybe only had a handful of bad spawns, don’t get me started on btb or swat spawns. I love the game, when I’m playing warzone, arena frustrates me to much. Diamond 1 BTB and onyx swat. I don’t have the best kda in arena but I’m terrible at small map games which is why I adored halo 3 so much. Least I can admit to that much :stuck_out_tongue: