Opinion: Bring Back the Didact & Warden Eternal

Didact was the best villain 343i has created yet and unfortunately they killed him off at the end of H4 (I know there’s technically a comic where he comes back and Blue Team finishes him off for good, but who cares honestly). He could have been a great enemy through which to expand the Forerunner, not just the Prometheans, in an interesting way. Heck, even if they brought him back as some Flood zombie reincarnation, that would be cool.

And as for Warden Eternal, I fully understand his boss battles in H5 were boring, but he was kind of cool. Even if they made him a sub-boss for one dungeon or another, I think he deserves a shot at redemption.

Both of these are DLC ideas, I understand Infinite is being printed as we speak. Agree/Disagree


Can’t say I care much about Warden Eternal but I’d love for The Didact to return.


I thought Didact was a great villian and would have liked to see him return, he was definatly a villian I could see building a triliogy around
It’s a shame they cut him off so abruptly

Warden Eternal on the other hand…he was just a henchman for Cortana, and a poor one at that, but thats just my opinion


both villains were good if anything Warden was kinda shackled by Cortana so we couldn’t get to see exactly him being a full powered villain would be like and I’d love to see him back again in the games only 1 or 2 boss fights this time though.

also for the Didact its still out here he could return as a composed individual I’d love for that kind of comeback for him.


Don’t really care much for warden eternal, but I’d love it if Didact came back. He had so much potential and was clearly being set up for a return in 5 but for whatever reason they back peddled and killed him off in a comic. Normally I’m not a big fan of retcons, but in his case I’d make an exception.


I’m fine with bringing them both back but under 1 condition…make them fun to fight since hated the bullet sponge nonsense in Halo 5 and well Halo 4 basically skipped the boss fight with the Didact.


You just had to shoot or grenade the Warden’s back

That doesn’t work in Warzone Firefight. The point is a lot of enemies felt like bullet sponges…eg like the grunt mech for some reason was a bullet sponge and also was able to auto-lock on players as soon as they spawn.


It would be cool for them to be brought back but not in the main lore… We don’t need the Didact getting killed and revived over and over again like Goku or Superman.

Bruh... That's why I play MCC instead.
Actually just play DOOM music while fighting the aforementioned bullet sponges to give yourself an advantage.

I don’t really want the Didact to die since I feel like he’s one of the few connections to the Forerunners. I’d be fine if there’s a mini-boss but only if it’s not fatal. Simply trapping the Didact for a while would make more sense than trying to kill him off. :thinking:

Yeh know what you mean about Doom music but after a while the Wz Firefight does get repetitive and that’s why ended up watching video’s while levelling up till I hit the 152 rank. Though plugging in a wireless headset and putting music through headset to mix with the game volume is pretty fun. Not really a fan of Halo 5 either and that’s why I dropped Halo 5 as soon as I hit 152 to move back to MCC. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

He isn’t dead?
343i have stated this.
He was concepted as a composed didact in 5 probably became warden over time as warden became less scorpion in appearance.

He has survived slip space he’s out there.
Cortana speaks with his words for a reason, the logic plague and domain are in play it’ll come together yet I reckon.
The warden is alive and I expect theres more to him than we realise.

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I hate when people say this… If the Warden was a 2 shot kill it would be extremely anticlimactic, it wouldn’t be a ‘boss’ battle at all. They have to make them into sponges otherwise players kill them in like 5 seconds, move on and the overall impact of the boss is just seen as extremely underwhelming.

Back in CE you could 1 shot kill a hunter, yet I don’t see too many people asking for 343i to stop making hunters into bullet sponges… Why is that? probably because a boss that is easier than regular enemies isn’t a boss, just feels like a pushover.

Now this is not to say that if you just give a regular enemy tons of shielding it’ll feel like a proper boss fight, but to say every boss should just be cakewalk where missing shots/making mistakes isn’t punishable is just flat out wrong. Bosses should be brutal. They should test players skills in the game. Think Dark Souls (infamous for having an insanely robust and difficult boss battles) you won’t see very many bosses in that game that aren’t spongey in nature, now they typically add unique movesets and super high DPS but you get the idea.`

Edit: Warzone/Firefight is what gave 343i confidence in how they design bosses, before that I’d argue that Halo essentially never had any worthwhile boss battles (closest being Halo 2 Heretic)

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Nobody is asking for a 2 shot kill Warden. What I have a problem with is enemies becoming simple sponge type enemies without much thought being put into them.

I was just going to mention the Hunters too. In Halo 1 yes they were pretty easy to kill and yet in later games they were made harder to kill and more challenging while enemies like the Promethean Knights just felt like they were as filler to just deal with more sponge type game-play.

It’s also funny that you’re talking about Dark Souls because that also does what I’ve been wanting boss’s to do…aka being challenging and not feel like the only reason it exists is to sponge attacks because DS encourages different strategy’s.

As for Warzone…confidence is fine but 343i need to learn from the mistakes from Warzone or history could repeat itself. When an enemy like the grunt mech can instant kill you on spawn due to auto-lock then you can tell when something is unbalanced. :thinking:

There are plenty of ways to make a game feel less spongy without making the enemy ‘easy’ like damaging certain ‘weak’ points against a strong boss while trying to deal with dangerous risky counters.

The Didact was awesome but people didn’t for some reason like him and so 343 created the Warden

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Not much thought put into them? Compared to what? What have we seen in Halo games prior that was more ‘thoughtful’ in your eyes?

This isn’t true either, they gave knights weakspots in Halo 5, also seems as though they don’t teleport even remotely as much as they used to.

No they weren’t just “pretty easy to kill” they were a joke. A group of grunts were more intimidating on Legendary. According to your argument this was their best design because they were the antithesis of spongey, they were glass basically.

Warzone Firefight was designed around 8 players, not 4 and most certainly not around 1. Let me guess, you play Warzone Mythic Firefight and think you should be able to just solo kill everything? Although this is fine for SP this would just triviliaze every boss when you have 8 players on your team (well you and 7 others)

Not to mention all the insane weapon/vehicle variants, which would make everything into noob mode basically.

Yes, coolest boss in Halo history (so far, they might surpass that) is “unbalanced”, clearly we need to go back to them making us fight crippled elders and holograms. If you are playing on Legendary every enemy can melt you in seconds, I assume every boss will wreck you in 1 or 2 hits, so basically the only thing that seperates bosses from regular enemies is how much damage they take and maybe their movesets.

We’ve seen the first boss (Tremonious or something) and it seems pretty clear that the only real difference is how much health they have and their movesets (as I just stated) so in your mind if you could just stick the dude with a grenade and kill them in 1 hit that would be great boss design?

In summary the boss battles are probably meant as more of a ‘gear check’ and less so anything else. We know that if you complete side content you unlock more stuff (spartan cores, weapon maybe vehicle variants, marines, etc.) so although Tremonious can probably be beaten easily, I imagine that trying to beat Eschar with only a pistol and an AR and nothing else will be almost impossible.

Real question is how they’ll handle Co-op I feel.


Umm he was composed. It’s not same as dead since MC said he was just trapped. Far as I can tell he just needs a physical body.

Yeah, I said that he was alive…
The thing is he was established of being immune to the composer same as chief so that’s debatable. He may just be time locked or in a slipspace bubble or composed.

Yeah, that makes sense.

I dropped halo 5 without getting to SR152 because I don’t care

The didact is the only forerunner alive and one of the few we know, his character was develop during three book, but he was use for only one game. What a waste !

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The Didact is dead, period.

Warden Eternal, the bullet sponge enemy, is hopefully lost to the ether.

That said, if Warden was brought back - the fight needs to be exciting and fun. Not just a bullet sponge shoot from a distance or die.