Opinion about LSS

I see that many are frustrated with the games faults and this new mode LSS.
But personally I have a lot of fun with this mode.
Last Spartan Standing is a good breath of fresh air for Halo to me.
I’ve played Halo since Combat Evolved and I have MCC for my nostalgia.
So I’m happy 343I are taking new routes for Halo, but are trying to make the new things Halo’ish.
After I have played some matches: here is what I think would make it better.

  1. They NEED to fix the desync issues and so on fast af.
  2. If you get higher and higher score you should be able to press a button to get a drop pod with different equipment items, depending on what level you are currently in. Random drop pods is kinda ruining the fun I think, especially when spartans are camping to get 5 lives in the end and farming good equipment.
    I think the same system as pressing X to upgrade weapons should be the same system for ordinances of drop pods.
  3. You should get a hacking room, like the one we have in big team battle to get the games best weapons.
  4. The existing BTB maps should also be in this mode, not just the new map. And making the circle close in slightly faster. Not too much, but slightly.
  5. Increase the players in the match, not too much but a little bit more.
  6. In season 3, hopefully they add the same mode but with duos and squads.
  7. There should be a vehicle spawn in the start only one per match.

This is what comes to my mind of improvements. What are your thoughts on this?

I’m enjoying it so far. More than I thought I would. I’m generally pretty good at FFA but the larger map does make it more challenging.

So instead of Gun Game upgrades, you want Halo 4 Request Ordinance? Or you can Request Ordinance of choice if you go beyond Max XP? That would be hilarious since you could kill that person and steal their Ordinance just like in Halo 4. Infinite already is basically close enough to 4 to have that.

Dpad: Left Cloak, Up Speed Boost, Right Overshield, Down Random Power Weapon

If someone were hiding the whole match until the end, and someone is pocketing Ordinance, they have a fair chance against Mr Hide with 5 lives. Alternatively they could get their pod yoinked from them

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