OPI Armor Coating NOT available untill march!

If you didnt know there is an event with OPI, a nail polish company, where if you buy $20 worth of certain halo themed nail polish you receive a “free” armor coating. So i spent the money and bought the nail polish for my wifes birthday only to find out I cant get the armor coating untill the “upcoming Halo Infinite 1.1.1 content update currently expected on or before March 1, 2022”

I dont think this armor coating is gonna be common but i wanted to share my knowledge with all of you


Ive been trying to post a screenshot of the email but it wont let me, so sorry if you wanted the prood.


Tyvm I didn’t even know this was a thing guess I’m buying some halo nail polish for a skin lol never thought I’d say that that’s pretty cool

Is this what you’re referring to?


Ya i just bought it on ebay lol and was wondering why it wasn’t in the game even though waypoint says it’s unlocked