Operation F achievements no show in Waypoint.

Title says it. I unlocked all of the achievements for operation F and they are not showing in Waypoint? What gives?


All though I don’t have all the ones that I have don’t show.

Finally someone with the same problem as me!!

I unlocked the majority of the new achievements but none shows up on waypoint.
They are fine in-game (Halo SA) and on xbox.com

Tried to uninstall, reinstall and logout several times but nothing worked.

i’ve unlocked both on windows 8 and WP. they show up on xbox live. i think there’s just a delay when being synced with waypoint

Yeah mine doest show either, not sure what the deal with that is, hopefully its just a delay but I maxed the gamer score on this as soon as they released the second patch to restore everyone’s save games so I’m not sure what gives.

Same for me–game progress is shown on Waypoint, but Achievements are not.

I am here to report the same issue. Every achievement I’ve unlocked since the update - even the “main game” ones - are absent from my Halo Waypoint account, but present in-game, on my Xbox Live Dashboard, and on the Xbox website.

Hmm, this is odd–it looks like if you navigate to one of the other tabs (etc. Media, Overview) and then back, the achievements appear.

Thank you for passing on this info, we’ll look into it.

don’t work !

Don’t work here…

The problem is not that they don’t show up, it’s that they are locked even if they are unlock in-game and on xbox.com.

Same problem:

Game: Spartan Assault / Halo Waypoint Web

Platform: Windows 8, IE 10, fully updated

Description: Operation F achievements only show up unlocked within Spartan Assault. On my service record, they show as locked.

Replication Steps:
(1) Check Achievements in SA on Windows 8 laptop; they are all unlocked
(2) Navigate to Spartan Assault Service Record; previous achievements still show as unlocked, but Operation F achievements do not
(3) Reload page; navigate to a different tab and return; no effect

Have had this issues as well for the past 2 weeks. another thing is the waypoint level shows my lvl as 100 but next to it show me missing 10 achievements (Spartan assault win 8 and phone). There is no progress bar but I know I own every halo achievement including Halo 2 PC which doesn’t count for some reason. So I think its something wrong with the Waypoint career lvl counter.

HUNTER II7 career.

> Hmm, this is odd–it looks like if you navigate to one of the other tabs (etc. Media, Overview) and then back, the achievements appear.

From the Spartan Assault Service Record screen, I switched to the Media, Overview, and Leaderboards tabs, allowing each one to load completely. When I went back to my Service Record, the Achievements were still not showing as unlocked, and I do have all 25 Windows 8 Achievements.

Just to be clear, I do see the Achievements, but they are not highlighted, indicating that they’re not unlocked, but they are unlocked.

Both the vanishing achievements and that they are not showing as unlocked on Waypoint are being investigated, thank you for your patience.

Thank you Forum Team… I hope this problem gets fixed soon - I too have all 433 recognized achievements, along with the 41/41 Halo 2 PC achievements… Now if we could just get you guys to investigate why the Halo 2 PC achievements are not showing up, then we’d be in business :wink: Also, could you tell us if we get another Glyph sequence for getting completing all Spartan Assault mission with the GASO medal? Thanks
Yours truly,
A Halo Fan

Same for me.

Still not showing up for me either.

Accidentally posted twice.

I hope this issue gets fixed soon.

Here is a picture of the 10 DLC Spartan Assault achievements affected by the glitch in my Halo Career page.