Opening Pack Glitch

So for the third time today while trying to open up a gold pack i get kicked out of halo and need to restart the game. I know this has been happening the last few days. Im assuming the everyone else is experiencing this as well. They need to fix all these little glitches. While not destroying the game it is really annoying. Cant tell you how many times someone on the fireteam gets kicked and we need to back out of game. Im happy as long as im not actually getting kicked mid game or experiencing massive lag like previously. There has been a uptick in lag the last couple of days although.

Nice to see it doesn’t happen to me only. My game went back to dash when I was in store quite few times.
But - since like a month.

But, I think there are far worse glitches - earned REQ points and boosts not updating while in matchmaking… so many server errors and loosing connection, etc.

Me too