Open world infection (maybe battle royal)

How would you guys see an open world infection game ?

A large map with 150 players and 5 infected people. It’s actually awesome because you can survive with friends, clans or alone. You don’t have to go alone either. You can smuggle yourself into the clan members. The map should have bases, caves, forests, and so on. You can choose where to go and what to do. It’s cool, it should have both new and old areas. You earn points by killing infected people and you can buy vehicles, weapons and tools such as the grappling hook. The flame thrower should also be there. I don’t know how you guys see it, but the first 5 infected are mutants that are difficult to take down. They have a noose with which they can catch opponents and also crawl on walls. Even infected people can earn spore points. With which you can improve your appearance. You will become to a mutant. Jumping high or running fast shouldn’t be bad. A Flood support is also possible buyed by points. After the game or successful evacuation you will earn tons of rewards, because survival here will not be easy. 343 Industries should maybe provide this game mode for 2 weeks in any month. I would be absolutely sure that you have never played an infection mode like this before. The purest horror that teaches you to sweat and to bring your heart to race.

I would be very happy for a like, because I am of the opinion that Halo Infinite can do even more.


I always felt that there should be a game variant or standalone where you play as ODST on a ship similar to The Mona Lisa with similar gameplay to L4D.

I feel that a possible scenario for your game model would be this:
During the events of Halo 3, when the Flood have landed on Earth you and your team of Marines or ODST must stay inside the ever closing blast radius from the former Covenant’s glassing beams. All while staying away from the Flood.


I don’t know if a real story or a new story is good for the multiplayer. But i think you talk about a Warzone game mode. Sounds not bad the ODST idea should work. :smile:

Cool idea, as long as the zombies are fast enough. We could give it a try once forge comes around.

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Well, not unless they allow 150 players in custom games…

Would there be a timer in this mode? Because if not, how would the uninfected be able to win? Or would it just sort of be expected that eventually everyone will be infected and whoever survives the longest is the winner?

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Plenty of generic survival games already exists out there if you wanna play them.
i’m here to play Halo.

What would be wrong with adding yet another game mode? Halo is not just BTB and the competitive arena.

TBF, you could call Halo a generic shooter. (Unreal Tournament music plays]

  • it has guns and you shoot them
  • you regenerate health after a short period
  • guns and ammo just appear on the map
  • spacemen save world


Every FPS tries to do it’s own thing and I don’t think anyone who is curious about a Halo BR is just wanting “a BR”, more so that familiar Halo chaos in a bottle.

It should be competitive BTB :smiley:

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:joy: :joy: :joy: Of course there have to be a timer. It’s like the infection game just better. It’s a open world infection game mode. How you going to stay alive is your thing. :+1:

Pls 343furries dont do this

We live in the collective world of thought. That means that anything is possible. The more ideas there are for the game, the more types of players it will attract.

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