"Open World" for Halo Infinite - Thoughts / Idea

So I’ve been playing Gears 5 and honestly… I’m torn with the changes made to the Campaign. Now, I like how they added the open world elements to the Campaign. I loved running around the map on the Skiff and just exploring. Looking for hidden places, items, etc. However, the open world feels empty (I mean there is a lot of space and places to go but in your trek from mission to mission there isn’t much to do that I’ve found (Mind you I haven’t finished playing through the campaign yet but still, the world itself feels empty). Now, I’m not saying it’s bad but I can be improved upon. That said here are some ideas I have IF the Halo Infinite campaign follows this concept of open world.

  • Create a truly open world or in the case of H:I - Ring. Meaning unlike Gears 5, make the open world areas complete and not just sectioned by where you are in the campaign. Allow the players to return the very beginning areas no matter how far you are in the campaign.
  • The open world aspect could/should be sectioned - Think Halo 3: ODST - you unlock sections of the city as you advance in the story but you can always go back to places you’ve been before. In the case of H:I - Those beacon towers can be control or capture points to provided some benefit to your campaign play through. Maybe there are abandoned UNSC Firebases you can capture on the map as well.
  • Fill the world with encounters - In H3:ODST you weren’t running around in an empty city from campaign mission to campaign mission. You would encounter enemy patrols. Have hidden things to find. That’s one of my gripes with Gears 5 - yeah the open world element is cool but it’s empty - You only encounter enemies when you start a mission.
  • Having an open world where areas can be revisited allows for additional campaign events/content to be added easily - Story/Invasion events can be played out either solo or Coop - For example: Flood Outbreak at Firebase Alpha - You have to clear the base of flood and then defend it for several waves of Flood - Can change out the Flood with whoever the enemy is in H:I.
  • Once the campaign is finished the MC. Have the ‘Open World’ Ring be explorable with your Multiplayer, Firefight, Warzone Spartan. Again, this would allow the world they created to continue to be used and filled with events, encounters, etc. using your character not just the MC.
  • Gears 5 showed me that you can have an open world without the game being a full on RPG - there was the Jack upgrade element but the enemies were the same from encounter to encounter. You don’t have to wait until you are like level 20 or 30 to move on in the story or go to a specific area.
  • The Pelican is our Skiff - I think it would be cool to use the Pelican with our new friend/pilot from the 2019 E3 trailer ferry us from location to location and you can load up the Pelican with a vehicle and various weapons to allows us to decide what we want to carry into certain missions. Mind you some missions could and should be locked to specific types of vehicles / weapons. IE - Sniper missions require you to outfit a sniper rifle but you get to choose either the UNSC Sniper Rifle, Beam Shot, etc.

I could go on but this is getting to long and overly detailed. I am getting more excited about Halo: Infinite and I hope we get to see more of it soon, even if it’s just something small.

What do you think about this. I think an Open World like this could work in Halo. It would give a world on the scale worthy of Halo as a universe not just as a game.

I agree that Gears 5 felt empty. It didn’t need an “open world” element. I’m willing for 343 to try an open world element for Infinite because Halo 5 was such a mess I feel any change could be a good thing. Halo certainly has the universe and lore to have an open world element with plenty to do. It’s just up to 343 if they capitalize on it. Halo has over 20 books worth of content it could pull from for characters’ side quests or significantly different areas on the Halo ring or in the Installation. If you would have told me years ago Halo would be partially open world, I would’ve been very worried. But maybe at this point its a needed change. At least for just a few levels maybe. But it doesn’t look good for Infinite when the Creative Director leaves and now there are supposedly even more people leaving. So, I guess we’ll see what we get in 2020. I hope they can make the Halo fanbase happy again and really bring an engaging story and fun gameplay.

You have some really good ideas by the way!

I think the biggest issue with an open world Gears of War franchise is that the game play and combat style is designed for corridor combat not wide open areas like the open world they created for it. Halo I think plays well with open world combat, think ‘Halo’ from Combat Evolved. I know it may be just wishful thinking but I think an open world Halo that it set on an entire Halo Ring would be epic. I would love to be able to take a Banshee and completely circumnavigate the entire ring.

Bigger =/= better. Going open world isn’t an improvement, at best it is just different. Halo in particular is ill-suited to being an open world game when so much of its core mechanics are designed around being a very close range affair, relatively speaking. Going open world would require a significant amount of changes and compromises. Whether you end up enjoying those changes or not, the end result is a very different experience that will inevitably rub certain people the wrong way. Personally I buy the main Halo titles to play Halo, not a Halo themed open world shooter.

Is it too much to ask for a polished linear experience? Can we just let franchises do what they are already good at instead of slavishly following trends? If you want to see someone build an open world game set in the Halo universe, fine, just keep it out of the main series. No one game needs to be all things to all people.

We can talk about all these interesting game design pitches until we are blue in the face, but given the state of the industry at large I don’t have faith that it won’t end up like many of the other empty, vapid, timesinks, that have been thrown out as of late. There are exceptions, sure, but that is all they are, exceptions. RE: Not very common.

TL;DR: There is nothing wrong with a linear campaign.

I so smashed out gears 4 last week and am currently mid gears 5 .
So far 4 is the far better game . Linear works well here , open world while initially cool , frankly gets a little old and annoying rather quickly . It feels almost like padding to make the game feel bigger when it just isn’t .
This brings us to halo infinite and open world elements if it goes down this road unless it nails it out of the park which judging by 343s prior performance record I’d say no it’s not the time for risk it’s a time for consolidation in the series . . Stick to what works ala borderlands 3 .

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> open world while initially cool , frankly gets a little old and annoying rather quickly . It feels almost like padding to make the game feel bigger when it just isn’t .
> This brings us to halo infinite and open world elements if it goes down this road unless it nails it out of the park which judging by 343s prior performance record I’d say no it’s not the time for risk it’s a time for consolidation in the series . . Stick to what works ala borderlands 3 .

In Gears 5 the open world levels are very pretty. I agree though, they’re padding imo too. They are empty and boring despite ecxellent conversation and humour between Kait and Del. Lots of enemies out on patrol would have made those two levels infinitely better. Borderland 3 is a perfect example of how to make semi open world levels a lot of fun. I hope 343i do not copy those two Gears 5 levels as they are. Enemy patrols, or enemies coming out of the ground could have changed them for the better.

I’d be fine with them going the open world route but really all I want is to keep it a linear campaign except every mission is several times bigger than we’re used to that could even have multiple objectives.

Halo: Infinite could mean near infinite possibilities. It could be the jumpmoff point for more side stories and further development in the game franchise.
While a more openworld Halo game would be a a fresh addition, I’d rather see Infinite’s story be more linear and focused. That being said, i do believe an open world Halo game could be done in a fashion that fits the franchise.
I’d like to see an ODST focused title with an open world mechanic. Your flight of pelicans is shot down over the ring. As one of the few survivors of the crash, you are tasked with establishing a safe LZ for future incoming crafts, personnel, and equipment.
Your pelican survived relatively intact, giving you a small, homebase where you can customize your character, and loadouts, craft/mini-facture prototype gear and mods like weapon attachment, additional armor, even…jetpacks! (Welcome to the Bullfrogs)
Explore the ring, meet potential allies, fight roaming enemies and secure a foothold on this mysterious ring. Packs of animals could be used to hunt for some survival elements, avoiding Sentinels could lend itself to some stealth mechanics, vehicle could be piloted and some even customized. Also teaming up with other players as fellow ODSTs could help enter in a cool co-OP gameplay where you and your teammates could push towards taking over a COM relay or securing a light bridge for reinforcements.

Reading through some of the comments I do want to note that ‘Open World’ doesn’t mean non-linear. Halo 3: ODST had a linear campaign but had some what of an open world. I think the same could play out in an open world Halo Ring, the missions could be set to play out in a linear manor but allows the opportunity to engage in non-mandatory side missions or other additional content that gives more depth/perspective to the story or provide other benefits to the player. In terms of focus that really would and could be player determined, you choose what elements you engage with or not engage with.

Could be cool. As long as it doesn’t stray too far away from the current formula.

I’ve thought the same exact thing, and I’m really hoping that that’s what they’re going to do. Halo 3: ODST was super fun because it allowed players to just roam around and hunt down certain items/enemies.

They could make certain enemies rarer than others. Imagine fighting Covenant patrols all day and then finding a rare Promethean Knight. Encounters like that would be super awesome, especially if there are achievements tied to them.

or… orrrr we just go the ODST route on steriods

Make it like a 90s dos fps. Grt rid of tjat one way tp the objective style every fps games uses now.

I think open world like ODST. I think having a map with an objective but you can do different things along the way like finding easter eggs or secrets across the map.

open worlds have to be filled with something… side quests, collectibles, NPCs… the big problem is: it kills the pace of the campaign… even gears 5 kills the pace of it’s campaign with the skiffer things…
i very much would prefer a straigt forward single player campaign than a stretched out, by side stuff to do, campaign… to me the side stuff like collectibles can be there without stretching the game, by just being a bonus, not an important part of the game (like jack upgrades in gears 5)

in odst the side stuff was very limited, but it still kind of killed the pace. but to me it was ok, bc to me it felt more like a level in between missions… only that every other level was the same, which could have been limited more.

i feel like an open world halo wound’t feel like halo anymore… maybe a forge map could be open world/ very very big, but other than that it would be weird to see a halo game be open world

I don’t think Halo infinite should be fully open world. But instead have larger individual campaign missions.

Halo has a history of open world-like missions, especially in Combat Evolved. “Halo” and “Silent Cartographer” specifically. And of course ODST’s Mombasa hub. I would like Infinite to take inspiration from Combat Evolved in level design. Non-linear objectives add replay value to the campaign. Not all missions have to be built this way, but two or three depending on the campaign length would be good.

Linear missions don’t have to be restrictive. Exploration should be rewarded. Not with invisible walls, but instead open up alternate paths and unique combat opportunities. Going off the beaten path should get us Skulls, terminals, data drops, Easter eggs etc.
Finding these paths on subsequent play throughs adds replay value.

Part of the draw of open world games is the increased length of time you spend in a world you love. So I understand the desire for an open world Halo game. But when games, especially shooters, go open world they tend to be empty or filled with repetitive tasks, filler missions, fetch quests. Then developers devise gameplay mechanics to keep you invested in that world; loot, leveling up, etc. then the game enters the “RPG grind” territory. I don’t want that in Halo. Halo should innovate Halo, not borough from games like Farcry.

As much as I do not want Halo to become a fully open world/RPG-lite experience, it may be headed in that direction. My plea to 343i is not not loose sight on what made past Halo campaigns great and what made “Halo”, Halo.