Open Recruiting for The Akaviir, Mergers Welcome

The Akaviir is looking for more members! We are currently in open recruiting so simply applying guarantees your admittance to our Company. We have two main objectives as a company:
-Have fun and kick butt
-By doing the above, work towards the Achilles set.

We are still small and growing. We plan to have both casual and competitive teams, and for the competitive teams, we need more players of that mind set! If you currently lead a company, we are willing discuss merging into our company, and sharing leadership.

For those interested in Achilles, we do not require grinding and we don’t require daily play or a certain number of games per week. Just have fun while working towards it. :slight_smile:

We play many different game modes (see our bio for details), so whatever you like to play, odds are we love playing it as well! We only ask that members be respectful and polite to each other, mics are not required. All skill levels and play styles welcome.

We look forward to fighting along side you!