Open letter to the "Pros"

Ok we get it you are way better at this game than most of us and that’s why you are pros, but some of your behaviors as a “Pro” is in bad taste.
As a pro you should be a representative of the game and the community, not a jerk who thinks everyone not a “Pro” is uncool and not worth your time.
Using us “Noobs, Unskilled, Weak, or Lazy” players as a farm to pad your stats is not a cool thing to do.

I’m willing to bet this is why there is such a quitting epidemic in the game. I have seen many “Pros” in game and on Twitch who will intentionally not finish the goal just to get high kills. Things such as holding onto the flag till about 2 mins left and then run all three captures back to base, which isn’t hard for you to do since most of the opposing team has already “Quit” do to the slaughter of 33 kills for you and a -24 and up for the opposing team this is unsporting and and unnecessary. Not destroying the core and just camping out at spawn points to get your K/D to go sky high. Again this is not “Pro” behavior.

I have seen many Twitch streams with the “pros” and their tactics. Things such as calling out a specific player and grief them just to "see how long it takes for them to quit so you can have better stats. And then you do a call out to see where that player is and “They quit” and you laugh so hard that your plan worked. I have heard how you think us “Noobs, Unskilled, Weak, or Lazy” players are hurting your game and gonna make you “Lose your edge playing these idiots”

I cant even tell how many times you have questioned an opponents parental lineage. Or the many derogatory comments that come out of your mouth about your opponents things I cant even post without the entire post being -Yoinks-. I would think a “Pro” has broader range of vocabulary than such vulgar things that are said. I didn’t know that our moms were a dog, or that we are a cat (slang Word) for not living up to your expectations. And all this coming from a “Pro” who is obviously not some 10 year old as I can see your a full grown adult.

Some of your sportsmanship has been shown as well. When you totally slaughter your opponents with no mercy and the first words out of your mouth when you win are “Losers, Git Good” or my favorite “Look at that dude who has a 4 - 16 K/D I’m gonna message him and laugh and hope he messages me back so the troll can begin” I can only imagine what that message was.

Being a “Pro” is to be some one who is to be looked up to and admired. Some one who will not intimidate other players and is kind and courteous. Some one who might offer tips and hints and not to be degrading. Some one who will offer a sincere “Good Game” or “Good work”. Being a “Pro” is to not farm an obviously underpowered opponent and put them out of their misery quickly by completing the objective and moving on to the next game. Being a “Pro” is simply leading by a GOOD example.

If this is what a “Pro” is then count me out as I’m happy being a “Noob, Unskilled, Weak or Lazy” player as I have more respect form myself and the community than to be a “pro” who has no standards or morals.

A lot of it has to do with crappy sportsmanship. I know what you are talking about as far as Warzone goes. I really wish there was a surrender button to save time. Instead I just sit in base trying to snipe them while they camp outside the base with Tanks and what not. One thing I noticed is how piss poor the matchmaking is in Arena. There have been quite a few times where I was placed against Onyx and Champion players while I was in Plat(Not on a winning streak or anything) and just get stomped and BM’ed.

You can’t put a Ban threat on Warzone if you don’t give the option to surrender. That is just absolutely stupid game design 343. Get your heads out of your -Yoinks!-.

Yeah I agree… it not a matter of pro or amateur… or casual… or whatever you want to call it.

It’s just bad sportsmanship.

I’ve seen many of the behaviours ascribed by the OP in players of low skill level as well. It’s far from the domain of just the good ones.

As a rule, I will not quit. However I have done in the past. It’s almost exclusively when an obviously better team than mine refuses to capture the flag to end the game but instead spawn camp and kill you before you get a chance to move. I’m not against spawn killing but I am against better players abusing the objective games to pad their kd stats.

My friends and I are average at best but when we run into teams that are obviously poorer than us we have a rule that we complete the objective as soon as possible. It’s no fun for them to be abused by us and it’s no fun for us to just kill them over and over while refusing to complete the objective. Get the game finished and move onto the next which will hopefully be a more even match.

To my mind, people who abuse objective game types against obviously less skilled players to pad their kd stats are the saddest kind of humans.

I think you have no idea what a real “pro” is and who the people you are complaining about are.

Are you talking about real actual pro players like Ninja or Snipedown, or just about decent players that stat pad? Because I never see real pros doing what you just said.

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> I think you have no idea what a real “pro” is and who the people you are complaining about are.
> Are you talking about real actual pro players like Ninja or Snipedown, or just about decent players that stat pad? Because I never see real pros doing what you just said.

^ This.

Some random jerk who is a little better than you in Halo is not a pro. Professional players are worlds apart and are generally very respectable people.

Umm no, your entire post is just plain wrong.

Pros on twitch are among the most sportsmanlike and respectful players in the game, you’re making stuff up to have something to be angry over.

A Pro is a Professional player, someone who makes money playing Halo, you’re not playing those guys because they’re all top tier Champion players and mostly stick to customs anyway, if you find their names out and follow them on Twitch you will also see that they’re the most sportsmanlike players out there, no rage, trash talk, spawn killing, they just win and move on.

Some guy in matchmaking stomping you for a k/d boost is not a pro, I hate these comparisons.

I don’t think anyone will disagree with you that people with poor sportsmanship are pretty lame. However, the actual pros are not the ones exhibiting the behaviour you describe in your OP. I rather think you know that as you refer to the people you are talking about as “pros” rather than pro Halo players.

Anyone with a decent enough connection can stream Halo. That doesn’t make them a pro or anything. Just makes them someone who streams video games. And since they’re streaming, they likely are trying to build an audience so do things for attention. Attention that you are inadvertently giving them by making a post like this. The best course of action is simply to ignore them.