open letter to 343 from a longtime halo fan

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343, what in gods name are you doing. this game fails on such a fundamental level
you have a JIP that doesn’t work,a matchmaking system that will make uneven teams example if two people quit out of a 4v4 it will start the game as a 4v2 instead of a 3v3 even in playlist’s where JIP is disabled.

You release CSR months after the game is out claiming that the reasoning behind the delayed release is to ensure it works properly yet i can go 32 and 12 on infinity slayer and go down 3 ranks and but then if i have a game where i’m neg 5 i’ll go up 3 ranks( yea that makes perfect sense do well go down do bad go up)I know CSR is a game or two behind but i will consistently have good games and still go down

not only does CSR function incorrectly but you allow too many random factors to have an affect on CSR, quitting,lag,terrible map selection and all around awful sandbox balance. you can’t expect to get an accurate approximation of skill if you have all these random factors.

Why is it that only opus,scyth,haven,simplex and shutout come up in infinity slayer
there are 22 built in maps and a number of better forge maps out there to include yet you put in 4 of the worst maps I’ve ever played. Opus and scyth have the most garbage spawns I have ever encountered, haven is ok and simplex is a pathetic attempt to recreate the feel of midship, and for the love of god remove shutout, lockout has not been good since halo 2, It has been recreated via DLC or forge in every halo game since and every time it has been complete crap,give it up it will never be good again and there are far better maps out there. why not put in monolith,skyline,adrift,abandon, and give us a good guardian DLC remake and an onslaught remake.

Your sandbox balance is complete trash, you took a step in the right direction with the weapon tuning update but there are just far too many power weapons on the map along with personal ordinance. the pit is an amazing map and only had 2 snipes and rockets plus a few minor power ups and oddly enough halo 3 played far better that this game.

Now, you are finished with DLC so what are you doing ? you should be on these forums every damn day reading and listening to people. These aren’t drastic changes and they are pretty obvious fixes to the major issues hindering this game.

Please 343 pull your crap together and balance this game otherwise get the hell out and let people who care in to fix this otherwise it won’t matter how cool you make halo 5 look, you wont sell a single copy because you main fanbase will be fed up and will have moved on to better devs and better games

I have been playing halo since day 1 of Halo: CE and it saddens me to see you guys letting this series fall by the wayside.

If I was 343i I wouldn’t listen to an unconstructive, demanding, and rude post such as OPs.

I don’t think I’ve ever read a less constructive post. And there is an awful lot of unconstructive posts. What a bunch of garbage

how is it unconstructive it clearly states multiple issues with the game that are not being addressed and im not being rude there’s not profanity or name calling im simply expressing my discontent with the way 343 is handling the game at this point in time