op for assault. (Faster req energy)

Faster energy is nice but it makes the first area much harder to deffend.
Battle riffles on first phase are too much.

Examples. (Warzone assault)

On summit (snow map)…
The blue team can get battle riffles on the first phase, well most can now. (Not just the good few)
And on the snow map blue can sit on the bottom and the opposite end of the top entrance.
And keep anyone from entering.

On dispatch (the rocket map)
Same problems with battle riffles on the first phase.
But extra issues, spawn killing is easy with the br.
They can sit outside the entrance with the barricades. And pick off the red teams lower entrance. Which couldn’t be done with pistols.

It doesn’t change much for
Array (the island map).

So make battle riffles need 4 energy instead of 3.
Or block battle riffles until the second phase.

The rest seems nice, faster caps gives blue a chance.
Faster req helps both alot…

1 grenade stops the grenade spam.
But maybe add grenade spawns to maps.