Onyx Squad, Spartan Guardian Legions

Onyx Squad is looking for players for competitive matchmaking and battles.

Were not just a team, we also belong to a larger community called Spartan Guardian Legions. Onyx is a part of its legions. Onyx Squad members train daily in Halo Championship Series (HCS) playlists. Ranked and HCS matchmaking games are the most popular multiplayer picks.

SGL uses a custom made rank system to highlight players with dedication amongst their piers. Any questions on this can be discussed with me on XBL.

Requirements are as follows:
-halo mcc
-positive K/D

rules are as follows:
-No disrespect to other players
-No rage quitting
-No team killing
-Stay in uniform when you’re with the squad

If you’re still interested but don’t meet all of these requirements I can arrange for you to join another squad.

If you are interested or have questions, contact me on xbox: Apex Arbiter

“Splintered shields and shattered swords”

Onyx squad captain, Apex Arbiter

Arbiter… I saw you post something very similar to this over on 343industries community forum and no it wasn’t the one you just posted today. It was the one posted over a week ago. I replied to that post asking you a question and never received an answer. I’m especially offended because I already have you added on Xbox from ONA. I even sent you a message over Xbox regarding the same question I asked you before and yet again no reply. If you have no interested in having a 4v4 scrimmage then at least give me the courtesy of a reply. You say you’re a competitive team and I wouldn’t expect anybody that considers themselves competitive to turn down a scrimmage but if history is any indication you’ll ignore this question too.