Onyx shield wants you

To all spartens seeking a clan/company onyx shield may be a place for you we do not require KD or SR or any form of rank to join all we ask is for you to be loyal to the cause a team player and a friend to anyone and everyone clan or not to be sports man like at all times we may be small right now but dosnt every great empire start somewere. if you wanna be on the front lines in battles/wars we have a military faction for you. If battle isnt you thing but roleplaying or diplomacy is we have a faction for you. we dont punish for lack of activity all we ask is for you to stay in touch if you wish to kno more message me Champion Apex xbl or here. Thank you for your time fellow Spartens.

Legionair Apex Out

Weekly Update #1
In order to save a bit of time when requesting to join the Spartan Company would you kindly answer the following questions. It helps us understand you and your circumstances better so that we may adjust ourselves accordingly to give you the best experience possible.

  • Your Location (Country) - What Halo games you own - Do you have work, school or other responsibilities that restrict your time on xbox - How did you find us/ did any of us contact you prior to you requesting to join - Your past Spartan company/ies and reason for leaving them - Your reason for joining us
    We do encourage a bit or role-play but it not necessary, as always we look foreword to seeing new members join us and do not hesitate to asks us any questions.


Weekly Update #2
This update is intended to provide some information on the different areas you can be involved in. If you see any areas you are interested you may inquiry about them or every apply for them. Here are the areas:

Social (Government)

  • Ministry/ Senate - This is a leadership role; you will be hosting meetings, work on rules, help with inquires from members, take feedback and suggestions from members and on long term clan goals. - Diplomats - This is a diplomacy role (its in the name), you will be tasked with meeting with other clans and putting the Onyx Shield’s interests forwardSocial (Civil)

  • Game nights - Host causal “get together” sessions where members can just have fun. (All members can do this no matter what area they are in) - Matchmaking - Just playing matchmaking and wanting people to join you, you will be best suited for this area. - Competitive - Playing competitive matchmaking and wanting people to join you, this area will best suited for you. - Machinima - Lead or participate in clan machinima products.Military (Army)

  • Standard Legionnaire - You will be typical infantry with no specialisations. - Mechanised Legionnaire - You will be allowed to use various ground vehicles. - Specialist Legionnaires - After a period of serving as a Standard Legionnaire you may apply to be a Specialist; this may be a Sniper, Explosives or Heavy weapons (Saw/ chain-gun). - Auxiliary - Members who are not active enough to be any other classification of military, in a way you are part-time soldiers.Military (Navy)

  • Sailors - You will be using turrets and other defences on the ships. - Marines - You will be defending the ships and protecting the sailors as they fire the turrets, and boarding other ships to take them.Military (Air Force)

  • Pilots - You will be allowed to fly air vehicles (kind of obvious) - KSTs - Short for Kirov Shock Troops, you will be elite shock troops of the Onyx Shield, often deployed from air vehicles to engage in shock attacks. You could also be called to defend air vehicles so our pilots can use them.
    This is also another area but new recruits will not have access to it, therefore there is no reason to go into it. If you have any questions message as and as always we look forward so seeing you join us.