Onyx Shield Recruitment (Halo Reach/ Halo 4)

Onyx Shield Recruitment.
Greetings, U.N.S.C / Seghetti Soldier. I am Redeemer115 the Premier of the Onyx Shield. We here are giving you an offer to join us for the opportunity to be a part of something big. The Onyx Shield prides itself in loyalty and ensuring victory is clear. The Shield is split into four segments:

Shields (Army): Shields are the backbone of this clan, providing a good response force and to hold back any aggressors. Shields is the easiest of the four segments to get into; you will need to be loyal and trigger disciplined, other aspects can be improved in training. Shields come with several notable roles: Foot soldier, scouting, diplomat escort and clan videos.

Akulas (Navy): More of a support role than an actual fighting role. Akulas are responsible for a turning point in any battle, utilising “Top Secret Protocols” (SVE Bonus Slayer) for support roles only. You must show extreme loyalty and be able to follow all orders at all times.

Kirovs (Air Force): A more common support role as well as an actual fighting class, Kirovs are the men and women that support the shields with lethal air force affect. A Kirov’s serves include: Ground support, Air power, Diplomatic escort (in combination with shield squads.), scouting (separate from shields.) and border patrol. High air combat skills for both Falcons and Banshees will be needed to even apply for these potions.

Onyx Shield Special Forces (OSSF): These men and women are the best of the best; they strike fear in to human and Seghetti alike. Their main role it to protect the Premier at all costs, the other duties such as: Espionage, Shock attacks + counter-attacks (both external and internal), assassinations of key figures (internal and external) and other duties that will be listed when being granted the status of this position. You must be a distinguished Onyx Shield to be able to apply for this position, going above and beyond your expectations again and again. Note: Joining the OSSF is like taking a blood oath; once you are in you are in to the end.

This is what is needed in order to join this clan:
 Able to speak and understand English.
 An ever growing loyalty.
 Active member.
 A good range of skill with both U.N.S.C and covenant technology.
 An email that will be check regularly.
 Respect to all members and enemies, for they could serve the clan’s grand scheme.

This optional for what is need for joining this clan.
 Lore for your character.
 Ability to set up and run a clan YouTube channel.
 Ability to create and edit videos.
 Ability to create a clan website.

Please consider joining us and we look forward to seeing you. If you wish to join or ask me questions please do not hesitate to contact me at:

Email: Redeemer115r115@hotmail.com
Gamertag: Redeemer115.
Or comment below.