Onyx Shield Information


I am the Onyx Shield minister of public information and I am here to tell all of you some general information about the Onyx Shield. Please do note this is not directing recruitment there are other posts for that.

  • The Onyx Shield role-plays. Role playing in the Onyx Shield has take on the characteristic that every member sees themselves as superior to everyone else. However role playing is not enforced its more of a fun thing to do in game. - The Onyx Shield has two sects. to the clan, the first one is military (competitive Clan vs anything) and the second is Citizen/ Civilian (non-competitive mini-games, machinimas, co-op campaign etc.) - At this current time the highest ranking members are keeping stock of xbox live gold that will be used for any “military” in the event of a war starts and they do not have any gold, however they are trying to encourage other member to donate xbox live gold to aid the clan in the event of war.If you are interest into knowing more or are wish to join send me a inbox here or message me on xbox.

Sincerely, Onyx Ubermensch Minster of Public Information