Onyx Ranking Not Moving

I am ranked Onyx 1518 in Team Arena. The carnage report will show the rank moving up and down but it never moves in the playlist rank section, so I am constantly stuck at 1518. It resets every game so it never goes up or down.

I have the same Problem. Won all my Swat Games today and actually got never CSR+. Thats quite sad.

same thing with me in swat

Same issue here, win like 5 games in a row, CSR doesnt change at all, my friend who played with me, his CSR is higher now but he started out in diamond

CSR does only change at the end of a match and back in lobby it is still the same like the match before.
I Have this Problem since Monday evening.

Same. Played 10 matches of swat today, won 8. Ranking stayed at 1500 the whole time.

This is the competitive level so that is your “rank score” it is kind of hard to explain, but to advance you have to beat other people who are higher in rank, but anyone equal or lower will have very little effect on it. for example you beat some one with a 1500 rank you become rank 1500 (or some close) and they will go down. Hope this helps.