Onyx Ranking Clarification

Can somebody please explained the number system in the Onyx Ranking? Currently I am ranked Platinum 4 working my way up to Onyx but I am wondering from seeing other players who have achieved Onyx there is numbers associated with it such as 1607 and 2138… what does this number mean? Please help

Every rank has a number value which is called CSR. You don’t know what your CSR is, but that determines your rank so for example Platinum 1 might be 1,000 CSR, and Diamond 1 might be 1,250 CSR. The blue bar shows how much CSR you need to get to the next rank although we don’t know for certain how far the ranks are apart. Although usually there is less CSR between Plat 1 and 2 than there is to go from Plat 5 to 6 which is why it takes longer at that point to rank up.

Onyx is where your CSR stops being a rank and becomes the true visible number. A player who is Onyx 1,500 is just about Onyx and the lowest they can be. The higher they are the more they have won, the grind doesn’t stop at Onyx even though it is the top rank. if you want to be the best you keep going. Typically players with higher CSR are much better. The pros are in the 1900+ range. Even players in 1700-1800 would mop the floor with me I imagine.

Previously everyone would be top rank as a Halo 50, now it’s easy to establish a leaderboard of who are the very top players as the ranks are more distinguishable.

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Good information ! I do love the old 1-50 grind cause it was clear and simple. watching streams right now, Im seeing snakebite ranked 2133 ONYX so good to know now that this is better then somebody who is a 1600 ONYX.

Thank you !

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