ONYX Clan recruiting

ONYX clan is a xbox only clan.
There are 2 parts to this clan on enlistment you’ll be asked citizen or military. Citizen will not need to take part in training or battles, Military will need to do this if available, if you are in military there are 3 areas: army commanded by me, air force commanded by Pure Sceptile and navy which is undecided all these commanders will only take orders from redeemer115 our leader this means we take orders from him directly if he is unavailable I will take charge till he returns. If you have any question or want to enlist contact: OnyxOverlord550 or redeemer115 or Onyx Ubermensch who is head of our minister of information and affairs on xbox we are both from Australia but redeemer may be hard to contact during the day our time since redeemer has school and on occasion church. if you wish to talk to us msg us “can we talk about ONYX recruitment"or"OnyxOverlord said to talk to you about ONYX” redeemer may ask to trial you if we have the time also to any americans that are willing to join beware redeemer has a grudge against you guys for some stupid reason so keep that on a low profile if you can sorry for the inconvience. If we are at war all recruitment will be halted for security reasons as we have made this mistake before.

Hi, I would like to join your team. I play since the first halo
My gamertag is : Cardyhawk

Hi I would like to join the clan im 13 played halo since the first one and it took me 30 mins to get to level 10 on halo 5