Onyx and Gold 1's still teaming up in ranked?

I thought they were doing something about dealing with the boosters? Keep coming across these kinds of players. I check on halotracker and they are clearly teamed up and playing quite a few matches together.

It really ruins the experience for those of us that mostly play solo and grind the hard way.

So clearly all the ranked changes they said they were making were BS?

I’m a 1700+ onyx and play with my friends who are platinum 2 and 3. We definitely don’t dominate and I’ve got a sub 50% win rate. Playing with a partner or squad is always better than solo searching.

That is not because of teaming up, that is just the enormously weak SBMM across the entire game. It only tries to balance the matches (and not even doing a good job at that), but barely limits the skill gaps in the games, causing golds (and even silvers) to get in matches with high diamonds and onyxs.