Only while America sleep

That old feeling is back. The feeling that Halo has never been able to play in good condition from Europe. It’s that love for the franchise and that hatred for not being able to enjoy multiplayer. I would be able to overlook the rest of its flaws if I didn’t end up every afternoon (for 12 years) angry at how bad it works and cursing the whole saga.

In Europe you can only play half well while the Americans sleep. Starting at 8 pm in Europe (10-13h usa time) Halo can no longer be played. Nothing works well, the pairings are disastrous, the desync, the lag, the loss of data, false things.
Do not play ranked in Europe after that time or you will lose everything you won in the day.

People are sick of asking you for server selection. You solve it when people have had enough and left the game. And the same old thing happens again. But guys, how can you make the same mistake so many times? ah no, that is not a mistake, it is that you have always given a damn about the rest of the world.

Keep looking at your navel.


I can’t speak to your experience, but I assure you there is plenty of lag and desync happening here as well.


Assuming you can even get into matches. I had enough DCs this afternoon trying to join BTB for a few challenges that I received a temp ban. And then my first match after it I had to struggle through with the damn Blind skull on to avoid another ban.

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There is a way to turn off american servers (any server really) search on google “halo infinite how to select servers”

I completely hear what OP is saying with the EU servers issues (I still have nightmares over the Halo5 saga), however the desync and totally crap servers are the main issue right now.

Having had to put up with crappy online servers for years (not just Halo), I made the decision to buy a Netduma router and I know I am only playing on Dublin or Amsterdam servers now…if I turn off the geo filter then most games are placed in Chicago at over 150ms (my tests show that this actually gets progressively worse later in the evening and past midnight).

Most players don’t have access to geo filter, so even if you’re playing on Xbox then enable the latency display option in the in game UI settings…this will bring up the latency to server in the top right corner and I can confirm it matches what I see on my Netduma.

Unfortunately there is nothing else you can do other than use the scripts that have been detailed online to block specific servers on your router. Having the geo filter means I don’t need to use that, but apparently it works.


greetings K0NSPIRACY.
I understand what you are telling me, but it is not a problem that the users have to solve, it is a problem that THEY, who are the manufacturers, must solve. Customers should simply turn on the console and play, for that they pay.

On the other hand, I don’t think it’s just a problem with the ping. Because in the case of a team where Europeans and Americans have connected … Does the ping mark it to the first server? What is the trace of the data? because the data is sent simultaneously to all players. That is to say, in the end, the data ends up going around half the world in an absurd way and WHAT YOU SEE IS NOT WHAT IS HAPPENING. So you are always late to the opponent’s actions or you shoot where the enemy is no longer or you receive a hit when you have not yet seen the enemy or things like that that you already know. Thank you.

I feel you bro.

I remember those Halo 3 lobbies at 9pm when all the Americans came on to trash talk. They thought they were hot shots while we are sitting at well over 100 ping hating life.

The server select in MCC is a god send but after 11pm, don’t remember exactly, it was just impossible to get a game until I opened up the East Coast servers.

It’s astonishing isn’t it.

They were fully aware of the issue.
Fully aware that we need geographical restrictions.
…but choose not to implement.

It’s as if they either want the game to fail or are just dense. I can see no other reason than the decision was made.

i’ve never actually had a drama mate (playing from UK)
Although in halo 5 i did.

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Yeah I totally understand the issues of high ping and latency…that’s why I bought the Netduma and I absolutely agree that it’s an issue that 343i and -Yoink!- should be resolving rather than us as players.

They implemented 3 matchmaking search options in Halo5 but it took months and months of complaints for that to be implemented…so how they managed to fail to integrate that solution (or something similar to server selection) in to Infinite is a mystery at this stage but the current state of the game and servers is simply not acceptable.

There are a lot more server clusters in America than Europe so to answer your question about players….the chances are that a mixed lobby of EU and USA players would more often that not connect to US servers. As I said in my previous post, enable the server latency option in UI settings and that brings up a latency counter which will tell you if you’re connected to EU servers or not.

Europe here. I’ve never played on a Server with more then 23ms. Time doesn’t matter.

I guess very close to the servers, Ireland, Holland.

Imagine lying on the internet.

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Too bad that doesn’t solve the root of the problem - that the developer/pubsliher should give the server selection

I’m not defending them, there should definitely be an option

I know :slight_smile: just wanted to pick another point there ^^