Only two teams in custom games?

I tried to set up a multi-team custom with real Halo settings (radar, strafe acceleration, etc) but I couldn’t figure out how to have more than just “Eagle” and “Cobra”.

If you seriously can only do FFA or two teams in customs, this 100% needs to be corrected.

If true, I can’t believe this game has cut so many features. This is the most restrictive “Halo” game ever made. El Dewrito was better than this.

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Of course Halo Online was better, which was why it had to be cancelled. It was Halo 3++. You’re right though, that Custom games is severely lacking. You can’t even choose starting equipment for infinite grapple/thruster modes. You can’t make FFA Oddball, or FFA Fiesta. The way customs works in Infinite is pretty restricted, and to make it worse, it constantly crashes when I try to load a custom mode, and the other team’s bots don’t load. I’m hoping they fix it soon after launch, but otherwise it will be completely changed when Forge comes out, hopefully.


🥲 just how?

Just how is this possible that this game is fumbling on things that were perfected a decade ago?

I honestly can’t wrap my head around it.

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I actually encountered a bug (?) while in a BTB game that displayed a different scoreboard with space for 8 teams on it.

Likely to be partially implemented, but not finished and released yet.

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Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers: we can hope

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