Only Thing I Don't Like About Halo Infinite Test

I played Halo Infinite Tech preview and i dont like when you take damage its zoom out your scoope. I know its always been like that but if you not familiar to this its irritate you.

I think Halo 4 is the only one that didn’t do that.

It’s always done that :blush:

Ooh no that is actually essential to the game. Without it scoped weapons become absolutely monstrous.

it stops camping very long range snipers and the like being unstoppable.

Automatically zooming out when getting shot has always been part of the game since CE I believe. I don’t think it’s going away as I’m pretty sure it balances scoped weapons, not that it matters to me at this point.

You want this removed until a guy is standing out in the open annihilating your spawn point with their sniper and your only recourse is to pepper them with ineffective shots as they take 6 days to line up their scope.

Been in the game since 2001 my dude, the one time they tried to rmeove it (H4) it was changed back in three months becuase if preformed so poorly and had a lot and I mena a lot of backlash…even for H4

Its a staple to halo