Only the shipped maps?

In matchmaking I have only been getting the shipped Halo 4 maps in the rotation. I bought the Majestic Maps and Champions bundle because I wanted to play new maps but I am yet to get them even once. Is there a reason for this I’m unaware of because I feel like I just wasted my money.

EVERYONE has to have the maps to have them show up in a game. if one person doesnt they wont show up. most people dont seem to have them or at least a lot dont.

it seems you did waste your money i am sorry to say.

Thanks for the fast reply! Well at least I’ll be able to play them in custom games. Its a shame the DLC maps are the best in the game.

yeah it kinda bites but like you said you can always gather up some folks to play customs.

i still think it would be great to just give the maps away at this point but unfortunately that will never happen.