only sith deals in absolutes

lol the title was just an attention grabber :smiley:

but really every thread i go to its just an argument over maturity and its honestly shows a lack of maturity, to me being mature is seeing both sides of the story and not attacking someone because they think different , like the title says "only “siths ( or in this case immature people) deal in absolutes”

for example this game has been broken for me since they released last patch, and i am so disappointed in 343 when it comes to how poorly they handled making and releasing this game because there is no way they didnt know this was gonna happen (thats a whole different argument itself lol) but that doesnt mean im going to call someone immature because they think its okay that the game came out like this …im just simply going to disagree and leave it at that

p.s. i kind of started to ramble off in that last mini paragraph thing because im so annoyed trying to get this game to work i lost my point due to frustration lol, but the moral of the story is fighting over who mature or not show ALL of you who do are immature, because a mature person would just ignore someone was calling them immature