Only person loving halo 5?

since I have been online today forums are full of people moaning/complaining about Halo 5?

I have eave loved this game story was amazing Game was so much fun on coop and only is very addictive only thing that needs work is the respawns in SWAT but I can live with that

is this just bad players moaning? Or bungie fan boys?

Loving the game…, not so sure about that. But I am entertained by it. Right now I love the swat playlist, yup I love swatnums. War zone is meh for me. I think the game could use some work, like the constant respawn and die thing, the location of where you respawn. In war zone the placement of the bases (you control the center base and can basically win the match). I hate how you can snipe the other zones if you own center.
I am on the fence about the ranking system, I have been stuck at gold 1 forever, I cannot seem to rank up because I need wins. But just playing matchmaking makes it hard to secure wins. Granted I am not the best player by any means, but still.
I love the req system though, unlocking the different things and being able to use them is pretty neat.

Really enjoying the game myself, Warzone is a lot of fun, I can avoid most of the ‘OMG I’m so leet’ crowd because they’re busy playing the game mode designed specifically for them (Arena) and the campaign was brilliant. I couldn’t have asked for much more.

just wanted more blue team. Multiplayer is perfect. More maps for warzone soon hopefully

I love it, it’s the forum that is bad most of the time lol.

I really like Halo 5. 343i is going the right direction. They made Arena skill based again. Halo 4 multi was really annoying.
I miss PvE. But that is something they can fix, in Warzone for example or something like Firefight!

Your the only person who gets any enjoyment out of Halo 5.

These people who are “agreeing” with you are nothing more than people leading you on.

We all hate Halo 5 with a red hot burning passion that can only be sated by…Where was I?

I’m enjoying the game very much; there are things here and there that could be improved (like all things in life), but none the less, I am having a good time, every time I hop on and play…

I’ve played the game for about 62 hours. I don’t really have any new games so it’s what I play with friends.
I would love for an implementation of another cooperative gametype rather than just the campaign.

I loved all the Halo’s, I’ve just never been this worn out from one this fast.

Yeah i love this game,the more i play the more i do.
Played some CTF on Truth and…oh my God thats the -Yoink- a pay for,thats the -Yoink- i a have waited for!

I am enjoying every part of it,ok not every part…talking about this kids here in forums with that spezial mission to hate no matter what,just hate…they put energie into this wich is curious.
You guys dont have anything else to do?

Well you have to realize people are way more quick and likely to go online to rant and troll rather than to praise and compliment.

Naw I love it! I got the limited edition console its hella bomb ^.^

I really like the game and I think 343 have done an amazing job at evolving Halo in the right direction. This doesn’t mean that there are still little things bugging me which could be improved. Almost the perfect game!!

I’m liking it, a few teething issues because of the rushed launch and the way req packs work but on the whole I’m enjoying it. :slight_smile:

It’s near perfect in my opinion, just can’t wait for more content!

Best thing is to spend as little time on the forums as possible, and avoid the obnoxious threads that have over dramatic statements. Waste of time and energy you can use to do worthwhile stuff. Enjoy the game. I do.

Game is pretty damn great in all honesty, and there are some of us who support that on the forums just gotta dig through the complaints. It seems to me that people have forgot that this game literally just came out… gotta give it some time, its just like destiny in that aspect everyone had a bunch of initial hype, then dwindled off till dlc then hype again.

This will be like that too but the huge difference here is Halo has a much bigger fan base to start with, and lets not forget that each and every month we get new content.
Hard to be upset about that.

Or maybe the game didn’t release in an optimal state?

is this just bad players moaning? Or bungie fan boys?

Both in my opinion and they are just a bunch of whinning babies. Other than a few small issues the game is great and I’m sure those will be fixed by Christmas.