Only lag in h2a

i was wondering why i only get lagg on h2a. Customs and matchmaking. but any other game is perfectly fine. my Upload dl speed is ,. 5down 1up. ping is 40-60

does any1 have the same issue or a reason why this is happening

any help please 343!?

Halo 3 has some lagginess as well.

i really dont understand why. just for me its only h2a. other games run perfectly fine

Im also having this same issue when in h2a games with 6 or more people. i have the same internet speed as you and have been searching trying to figure it out. seems to happen to people with bad upload speeds but i still dont understand why i can play every other xbox one game including other halos on mcc perfectly fine. they really need to fix this problem since they are pushing competitive h2a and i plan on competing.

Any official word about this problem would be nice but im sure they are overlooking it with the million other problems they have going on right now