Only if you actually know!

It is said that the TRON looking break out maps that were in the beta were in the beta were forge maps. Does this mean that at launch we are recieving two break out forge maps as well as some other non forged maps for break out as part of the 20 maps on day1?


does it mean that break out will ship with completely different maps on day 1 to what we saw in the beta? Maps that haven’t been forged! Meaning that crossfire and trench won’t be out on day 1 and neither will any forge maps for breakout?


Is break out only going to be shipped with TRON looking forge maps?

Tim Longo said that the forge maps known as Pegasus and Orion ARE NOT included in the 20maps to be released on day 1. So what does this mean for break out if break outs maps were also forged?

I thought it meant they were only counting the forge canvas they were built on as 1 map. I could be wrong though, I hope that’s the case.