Only ban the first team member to leave a game!

Quit forcing us to stay in games that are uneven. If I have a player that quits or gets kicked out for some reason, then you shouldn’t punish the other players for leaving. You need a full team to control power weapons and the map to win in this game if you’re playing players of equal skill. It’s not fun to play a team that is short a player either. I wouldn’t blame them for wanting to leave a game that’s unfair and lowers their rank.

If one player leaves it’s bad but I’ve had times a few actually where we have had 3 vs 4 where we actually win! Feels great it it fills me with dread when I see someone quit.

Allowing everyone to leave would just make the problem worst, if your a man down do the right thing and stay and fight don’t leave and cause the last two members on the team to have nk chance and ruin more folks game experience just to make your self feel better.

If it does get down to a 4 v 1 then if 343 stopped the match or allowed this player to leave that would seem fair. No doubt folk would look to exploit this somehow.

then everyone would immediately leave

Players should learn when playing ranked games to just buck up, get over it, and do your best.