Only 5 maps in team slayer... Is that enough?

Title says it all. There are only 5 maps I’ve come across in the playlist, and that’s simply not enough. It’s pitiful. Why can’t we play the other ones? Sure they’re big, but why do we need to see the enemy within 4 seconds of spawning anyway? It’s just such a small number, and I feel like I play haven half the time anyway. Personally it feels like the map design has taken a back step as well.

Are they expecting to coast on community creations like Bungie did near the end? The playlist options, the map design, the lack of multiplayer content all leads me to wonder what exactly they’ve been doing all this time. Hasn’t this title been in the works for years? Did they just start working on the multiplayer in the last couple months? I just don’t get it.

We need more maps at launch.

10 maps is not enough imo.

They could put Ragnarok in Regular Slayer for sure since it did fine in Halo 3 in Regular Slayer.

> They could put Ragnarok in Regular Slayer for sure since it did fine in Halo 3 in Regular Slayer.

Let’s be honest, it was slow and boring. Plus social slayer was 5v5, not 4v4.

On topic, I do believe that there are some built in forge maps that don’t seem to be in the matchmaking rotation. If they were to at least add these there would be a bit more variety in the map selection. Other than that we will have to wait for community maps and DLC.

I think that if they added six forged maps, two from each forge map, it would go a long way to improving playability without repeating the feelings of Halo Reach’s “Forge World, Forge World, and Forge World, hmm, which Forge World do I want to play”.

It was in TS 4v4, and it was far from slow and boring. They just need to add weapon drops on it, to stop the vehicles being imba

I was almost sure that Ragnarok would be in Team Slayer, Please add it to the map 343!


There are a couple of maps in objective games that I think are decently sized to play 4v4 slayer, not that I know the names of them… But yes, not enough maps. They only did that to make more money off the 4? or 3? map packs that are being released in the next few months, the first being a mere month after launch? Why not just include it with the game?

Also, does anyone else want squad battle (5v5 or 6v6) back??? It’d be great to have something in between 4v4 and 8v8…