only 40 dollars...Amazing, best value ever

This game is honestly amazing, for only fourty bucks we had the whole story mode remade with terminals, skulls, etc. AND!!! 7 more maps to reach. If the multiplayer maps don’t arouse you, then every upcoming map pack won’t because these maps are so good.

Yay! More praise! I can add you to the small list of people here that said something good about Halo CEA, and to top it off… you mentioned campaign! So tired of the complainers who whined so much about multiplayer. Luckily I and some others chased them back to the Reach forums.

I think they learned from the backlash they got on ODST. Nice gift to the fans, but 60$ was way to much.

This game really seems worth getting…

Yeah I completely agree I bought other games but nothing has me hooked like the original campaign, again. Then new maps are a beautiful addition, and fun to play.
its just the few players that want the original ranking system and dont like the AA’s that hate.

The campaign was beautiful. Very colorful lol. The terminals were very interesting, and the remastered music is real nice.

My interpretation of the value of this game

best campaign in the halo series- $20

7 maps for halo reach- $20 (its usually 800 ms a pack for 3 maps, which is $10)

Nostalgic feel with an ENTIRE new and amazing graphics layer and graphic switch- $10

New terminals, skulls, and achievements to add to my halo gs- $10

The game is WELL worth $40