Only 1 grenade

I always thought 2 was too many. All i ever see is people chucking grenades none stop like this isn’t a first person shooter but a first person catch or something. I really think we should just spawn with 1 grenade instead of 2 to get rid of grenade spam but still keep the core of grenades which is supposed to be use strategically instead of a chucking all your grenades all over the place type thing.


Nope. Stick to the two grenade system.

Its hard enough to kill someone with 2 frags allready, even with the explosive perk, and you want to reduce that to 1?? That would barly be enough to blast the shields.

I’ve been calling for 1 grenade at spawn for years.

I’m still waiting for four grenades of each type in Campaign

Yes, use the one grenade system.

With Halo 4’s damage, I’d go with one grenade. Halo 3’s grenades I’d still go with one.

Grenade spam is just so annoying.

Giving one grenade would solve many problems in Halo, especially 4. For instance, driving a vehicle would actually be possible without being raped by Plasma Grenades every two seconds.

Grenades are just another thing that was screwed up in Reach and Halo 4.