Online options

Anyone else hoping that Halo 4 will keep the sparten customization as in Halo Reach like being able to chose your gender, what amour you wear when playing online, special effects that are on you when walking around or when getting your head popped off so is anyone else waiting to find out to or what?

A greater ability to customize your own Spartan will always be welcome. Hopefully, players will be given an equal, if not greater, number of customizing options in the next game.

Yeah, but hopefully improved from Reach. To me it kinda seemed like your armor was just hanging off.

I hope your multiplayer Elite can be just as customized.

Oh yeah, also hoping Elites stay as at least a multiplayer option.

Yeah more armor would be nice, and I hope there are more things in some of the ares like knee pads, utilitys and what not. And a little less of a bunch of random crap little to no one wheres that are just there to take up space.

The sparten shoulder amour looked like it would just fall off because nothing was holding it. Just floating their by magic.

In Reach it all looks so “not as one.” It seems as if you just have your basic armor and then some parts glued onto them all sticking out instead of actually integrating into your character.

Oh and I really hope we will have the same colors to choose from for the visor colors, instead of having to buy them. We need way more elite armor customization as well. ^^