Online Not Working At All

So, I bought the MCC a few days ago and haven’t been able to play online at all. Matchmaking is a joke, it hasn’t even once ever put me in a lobby. I waited about 3 hours, did some stuff, came back and nothing. Even custom games with just my friends have major issues, sometimes even crashing the game. Co-Op campaign has been almost as bad as no matchmaking. All I get is excessive lag on all games and on occasion, short burst of normal game play which all leads up to the inevitable crashing, once again, at the end of the mission. 2/10 achievements I unlock actually pop, the rest say “Done! Unlocking…” but never pop or show on my gamer card. These supposed freebies 343i is giving aren’t going to make up for it as their deadline for them was 12/19/2014. Why make such a short time frame when your game is still broken?!? I understand they have a lot going on right now, what with Halo 5 coming out in 2015. But seriously, how difficult is it to put out something that is actually playable? 343i doesn’t have any tech support, Microsoft is no help, so I figured I’d ask here. Are me and my friends the only ones having these problems??? Sorry about the wall of text I just would like some help here.