online gaming partner

my online gamer tag is hissing titan soon to be im looking for a team or some one i can play with im tired of playing alone,and would like to meet some one that plays halo reach and is getting halo 4.i am a decent player i have a 1.12 kd and wants to find some one in that range or the type of player that pulls his weight and more i at-least can cover snipe but im more of an assassin than any thing. my game type is slayer but wish to get in to some objective type weapon of choice is a dmr but i do just as good with any load out.

Im not on all the time i have a life im usually on in the mornings because i work nights and have a wife with a baby girl on the way. im not hard to get along with and if i may say so im pretty funny at times so if any one is looking for a new player with a pulse im your man. so if any one is interested hit me up online hissing titan or soon to be (ak venomous)in honer of my daughter to be. thank you