Online credit authentication (think I made a mistake)

So I live out in the country and only go online when I go to a friends house with my 360. I went online the other day and it said I had too many credits for online play and asked if I wanted to loose some credits. I said no. Is there a way I can change that? It would make sense that if a person wanted to take their credits online at a later date they could but so far I have not been able to find anything. Also since then I have been playing offline and I can’t earn more than 50 credits when I play. Now I’m thinking I should have said yes to the credit authentication but I can’t find a way to change that. Any help would be appreciated.

There is a “TAKE YOUR CREDITS ONLINE? Visual Aid” section in the Halo: Reach Support FAQ (Credits, Challenges, Commendations, Achievements). Read through it, and please let me know if you have additional questions. :slight_smile:

I have read the FAQ about taking credits online. It refers to the first time you get online. It also talks about not authenticating your credits, but it doesn’t mention if you choose to not authenticate your credits, if you can choose to authenticate at a later date and how you accomplish that. My problem was that I didn’t know what the authentication was when I went online so I said “no”, now I know what it is and would like to change to “yes”. thanks for the help.

Let’s try a few tricks. Try signing out of your account, turning off your Xbox, putting Reach in and letting it load, and then signing back in. If that doesn’t give you the option again, try playing until you earn more credits, and then repeat the process. Lemme know if it works!