Online AI Matchmaking

I can’t be the only one…

I do enjoy playing the AI and I like to it online with other players so I can get exp to level up and all that fun stuff. However I find it annoying how the gamemode is random when playing the Versus AI in matchmaking. The option to pick the gamemode should be available, I only really like deathmatch.

What do you guys think? Should you be able to pick the gamemode when versing AI online?

Oh yeah definitely. Its even more annoying when you het paired up with people who just got the game and are still trying to figure the game out. Another difficulty would be nice too.

You’re not the only one. I like deathmatch the most, domination is ok (if teammates play the objectives), but strongholds is just annoying.
Also, have you noticed that most stronghold matches will start with one player disconnected? I’m sure it’s not a coincidence.

Last, if you could choose (or vote for) the mode, let’s go crazy and add (a vote for) map selection as well.

A voting/veto system couldn’t hurt.

Strongholds would be my favorite game mode if it was not unlimited resources and on a time limit.

If it was just death match with strongholds controlling the population instead of upgrades that would be nice. It would force people to play for map control

I think a voting option would be a great idea.

100% with you on this one. I love playing against the AI with teammates. I’ve posted before about the same subject, I hope they hear us. I was hoping for a legendary AI deathmatch playlist.

Definitely agree -Yoink- domination and doubly -Yoink- strongholds.
Domination might not be so bad were the Ai not able to multitask so efficiently. You take an objective to early and get rushed by all 3 with armies that are rebuilt far faster than you can destroy them.
Attack a base and you’ll likely get hit with multiple leader superweapons.
And my absolute favourite take a second base and it gets instantly overrun.

Maybe it’s coincidence but I’ve hardly ever finished either a strongholds or domination game with a full team.

But how else am I gonna get those challenges completed? With you people picking Deathmatch all the time, I’ll never get 6 matches of strongholds! Not that I ever wanted to anyway… I wish that challenge would go die in a hole. That last part is probably going to be edited out, isn’t it?