Online Achievements resetting

Lately my achievements online for halo the master chief collection have been resetting. My killjoy medal was around maybe 30-40% i’m not sure, but it reset to 10. my double trouble achievement was almost finished, then it reset, as well as my killing spree and catch this achievement. in-game it says I have a certain amount of medals, but in the achievements it says i’m nowhere near that amount. it’s really frustrating as i’m trying to finish all achievements, and if at all possible this problem be fixed as soon as can be. thank you.

I’ve had a similar problem, and tried to bring it to their attention on here & on Twitter. I’ve yet to hear anything back! JoshingtonState can you PLEASE help with our achievement progress resetting??

Having the same thing myself beat down,killjoy,double kills,killing spree alll have reset on me been working on them again and now my CTF and KOTH achievements have reset. JoshingtonState can you at least stop the resetting should have earned them by now. Really wanna 100% MCC but i cant get past these resetting achievements

Yeah same here, I have 300+ kills with granades and in the achievement progress is 5/500, in CTF and KOTH around 180-200 kills and in the achievement progress I have like 20% in both

I’ve been reset three on my grenades. I’m now on 7!! 7?!

I have over 600 grenade medals FFS. Why on God’s green earth can you not fix this most basic issue?!