>>:Greetings and salutations Spartan IV operatives of the UNSC Infinity!:<<

>>:This document is being forwarded to all Spartan IV operatives that are currently in search of a Spartan Company. As of late the current personal count of Monolith Company does not meet Beta-V’s requirements for extended field operations. We’re looking for both new and experienced soldiers to test their mettle and prove themselves an asset to ONI’s Beta-V command. Please do not wait nor hesitate to sign up for a position in one of Monolith Companies various Fire-Teams, the current openings will be shown below…:<<

>>:The current command structure within this company consists of the two remaining Spartan III operators of Monolith…:<< >>:SPARTAN_Z-352_Krietz_“Zippyraaw”:<<I>>:SPARTAN_H-128_Angel_“Hacker”:<<

>>:SIGNED_BY:<<I>>:Serin Osman:<<


>>:hacker 11254:<<