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Well I could have told you this stuff!

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> Well I could have told you this stuff!

Are you implying that we already knew all of what has been written here? Because then I’d feel like quite the moron.


Of course they aren’t going to listen to half the people. Almost everyone on here whines about thesilliest things

It’s not that fact that people argue for some things, but its the fact that everyone wants different things. I see people arguing saying to increase speed and decrease speed. Also that AR is too OP and Magnum is not good enough, and AR is not good enough and Magnum is OP.
How would they know what to do?

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> - Beta is a few months old despite just having launched

Yep, you’re always going to find this. Taking a build of something in development always means you need to halt the procrss somewhere, split it off and bundle it up ready for packagind and release. Development keeps going, so by the time your beta is being handed out, it’s already behind WIP (work in progress). It can also be quite expensive in terms of resources, as you need a team to manage the beta and collate feedback and pass things between teams as issues occur so they can be fixed. This is actually one fo the reasons why a beta for MCC would never have worked, there is simply too much content and would have been not enough time / resouces to handle it. I digress on that though, this isn’t the place for MCC discussion :slight_smile: