ONI working within Sapient Sunrise?

The last 2 episodes of Hunt the Truth, it left me with my jaw on the floor. Something I find curious is ONI possibly working within Sapient Sunrise. On a talkshow, Ben is accused of killing two Sapients. We all know those two people were really ONI agents that FERO killed. The news also said that they the government was goin to prosecute Sapient Sunrise, probably to make them look better. Do you think that ONI is secretly working within Sapient Sunrise and intended to kill Richard Sekibo and the Sangheili. We know that ONI (specifically Osman) intend to wipe out the Sangheili when they are weak. Do you think it’s possible that ONI could be covertly working in SS, especially after the ONI agents were called members of SS?

Sounds legit. I could see it happening