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Welcome to ONI : Sword Fleet’s official recruitment thread on Halo Waypoint .Here in ONI : Sword Fleet, we offer an unrivalled organized military clan experience, complete with an in-depth squad system, ranks, and specialized branches. We cater to every type of player imaginable. Those wishing to try their luck with a dedicated 4-man team in ESL’s Halo Pro League may do so within the rank of ONI : Sword Fleet, and those wishing to have a more relaxed, semi-competitive experience in Arena may also find a place here in the fleet. We offer an exhaustive list of benefits to all members, with dedicated administrative staff working round the clock to ensure that members have the best experience possible. The following are the different branches you may enter as a fully enlisted ONI : Sword Fleet member.


  • **Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI)**The Office of Naval Intelligence “proper” is different from the rest of ONI : Sword Fleet in that they make up the executive and administrative sections of the fleet. They are extensively trained, depending on their chosen Section, and many receive training in graphic design, HTML, and other technical fields. Others are trained heavily in diplomacy, or management. Applicants for ONI must first enlist in the ONI Academy, a long-running institution which ensures that only the best and brightest graduate and become fully-fledged ONI agents.

  • NAVSPECWARNaval Special Warfare (NAVSPECWAR) is ONI : Sword Fleet’s dedicated ground force, made up of candidates hand-picked by the Commander in Chief from the SPARTAN II, III and ORION programmes. They are most often organized into 4-man squads and led by a squad leader, who is in turn assisted by a squad assistant. NAVSPECWAR squads hold dedicated, mandatory practices twice a week, and dedicate themselves to self-improvement and practice.

  • **SPARTAN-V Programme (S-V)**SPARTAN-V teams are highly specialized, elite teams comprised of candidates from NAVSPECWAR who have proven themselves to be worthy of placement in a SPARTAN-V team. They set themselves apart from NAVSPECWAR by holding official mandatory practices four times a week, and are required to display consistent improvement and/or performance. SPARTAN-Vs compete in scrims, tournaments, and majors and are expected to be highly active and good team players.In ONI : Sword Fleet, you can become far more than the average Halo player. If you’re tired of losing solo, perhaps ONI : Sword Fleet is for you. If you want to learn useful trades and skill within our elite ONI administration, then perhaps we’re for you too. If you’re a competitive player and you want to build or join your own 4-man team to compete with, then maybe we’re for you as well.If you’re all of those, then we’re definitely for you. Below are just some of the many things we can offer.

  • A dedicated site and forums - Weekly events, tournaments and practices - An active community - Weekly podcasts and member spotlights - A chance to join a dedicated team (and lead one, if you aspire to) - Leadership experienced in competitive play in CS : GO, Halo, and Call of Duty - Administrators experienced in many fields and trades - A chance to learn aforementioned skills as part of our ONI proper - Chances to prove your skill in one of our squad v squad and branch v branch skirmishes - Opportunities to rise through the ranks as you do all of the above!If you want any of the above, then why not apply and see if you can cut it? ONI : Sword Fleet recruitment personnel are always on the look-out for fresh faces, and you could wind up being one of our SPARTAN-Vs. Within ONI : Sword Fleet, there is little you cannot accomplish if you want it. If you would like to apply, or would like further information, then submit an application on our site listed below or message the following personnel!

ONI : Sword Fleet | http://swordfleet.enjin.com


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“War should be the only study of a prince. He should consider peace only as a breathing-time, which gives him leisure to contrive, and furnishes as ability to execute, military plans.”
-Niccolo Machiavelli

This is Commander-In-Chief Darth Hypebeast with your daily bump! Considering joining? Give it a shot! Today was a good day for ONI : Sword Fleet, applications have been coming in steadily and we’re on our way to filling up NAVSPECWAR!