ONI Special Task Force X Recruitement

The Office of Naval Intelligence is asking members of the Spartan IV program to volunteer for Special Task Forces that are based on Reconnaissance and Covert Operations. This thread is for Special Task Force X. We mainly stay on board the UNSC Infinity and train to prevent skill loss.

This Spartan Company is for gamers that want to achieve the Achilles armour and play casually together.

Either reply to this thread for an invite or go to my profile and Spartan Company to request an invite.
Hopefully I’ll be talking to some new people soon and I would like to say that the Halo community is one of the best in the world at the moment.

Hey man. So although I have no interest in joining, lots of people browsing this forum were/are in the clan community where ONI is hated tons. Just putting ONI in the title has steered away possible recruits. So maybe take ONI out of the forym title.