One week mic Ban. Crimson maps not working.

I get the mic ban. Not fair but I get it. Fine. I can deal with that.

My concern is with Crimson Map pack being disabled on my machine. I have tried to redownload it but everytime I log back into Halo it tells me to make sure I have the War Games Pass downloaded and disables my map pack. Since 343 doesn’t have a contact number I have no way of even attempting to fix this issue. Any ideas?

Have you tried the steps found here?

I have deleted and cleared cache. Redownloaded. Still get the error.

Perhaps I need to put my season pass code back in?

What is this bull about a 14 day free trial, when 343 released the map pack and screwed up people got it for free. There were/ is several posts from 343 employees on twitter about how they screwed up and its free to those that grabbed it. So if this was the case im assuming all the employees and or customer services reps that posted said comments were fired for their poor customer service and out right lying to the customers? How about you follow through on your original statements. This is the reason why so many people were worried that 343 would screw this up and guess what they did. This is technically false advertising on 343’s part and how do they make up for it by lying out their -Yoink!-. sad really sad
Also i played this map pack for more then 14 days so whats the up with that, kinda blows that 14 day free crap outta the water doesnt it